EcoBirth-Women for Earth and Birth

Uniting the earth and birth movements for the well-being of our world

About EcoBirth

Welcome to EcoBirth! 

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Contact: Molly Arthur, molly6@pacbell.net, 415 435 8031

EcoBirth Mission

  • A coalition of organizations and individuals who cherish our beloved babies and Mother Earth.
  • Women who want to consciously change our culture’s story to compassion for the environments of Earth and Birth and impel social change to sustain healthy, caring humans and a healed earth home.

EcoBirth Objectives
  • Mobilize champions to create, gather and protect our life stories of caring and love.
  • Empower women to challenge the systems that allow an uncaring world.
  • Train women to take a stand.

EcoBirth Statement

We want to ensure that there are no more toxins in our bodies or in our developing babies. 
We want our babies born in a caring, natural way and raised in a safe, non-toxic world.
Help us protect our earth, our babies and birth.

EcoBirth Vision

Relating earth and birth- one natural life.  Pure Life: Clean world, safe births and healthy babies.

EcoBirth Scope

Creation-having to do with the creating of life and what might affect its normal development.
Topics-reproductive health, sex, epigenetics, perinatal psychology, prenatal care, environmental health, creation stories/native, environment, cosmology, ecofeminism, evolutionary biology.

Birth- having to do with the transformation into life and what might affect its normal action.
Topics-medical anthropology, drugs, homebirth, cultural differences, drugs, psychology, maternal care systems, birth stories, evidence based practices, human right, women empowerment.

Nurturing- having to do with caring for the environment needed for quality human growth and development.
Topics-medicine, land & soil, deep ecology, environmental health, spiritual/religion, literature, Native American, pesticides, social justice.

Nourishing- having to do with feeding and caring for home and educational environment needed for quality human growth and development.
Topics- breastfeeding, food system, home greening, safe products, environmental pollution, child & nature, GMOs, education, chronic diseases, environmental justice, community, parenting.

Maturing-having to do with recognizing the rite of passage to maturity. Living a full life.
Topics- youth, peer pressure, music, leadership, education, work, gardening, farming, meaningful life, happiness, economics, finances, spirituality

Wisdom- having to do with respecting elder wisdom and ancestors
Topics- traditional foods, native practices, homeopathy, disease, social burden, spirituality

Departing- having to do with honoring the passage from life.
Topics- religion, death, hospice, green funerals.

EcoBirth Main Areas

Environmental Health/Pollutants
Food System
Women Empowerment/Leadership

EcoBirth Embodiment

Head-educating for full human potential and social change
Eyes- seeing consciously, loving, worldview, perception
Ears-listening to others stories, active
Mouth- speaking truth to power, storytelling for a caring world
Heart-spirit centered, broken open, most powerful
Womb- green it from toxins, should be inviolate
Belly-contains the world, life force, seeds of life
Hands-hold space for next generations
Vagina-birth, struggle, fruition
Thighs-strength, carry burdens
Calves-leap into future
Feet-walk the path, light the way, take a stand

EcoBirth Values

Informed Consent
Open Dialog
Community gathering
Honor embodiment
Social Justice
Sacred place
Whole system thinking
Collaborative Leadership

Declaration of Interdependence for EcoBirth

Interview about Women's Congress for Future Generations