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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Take a stand with a loving gaze on reality

We women are the first environments of our children. We embody our lineage of environments - which is physical reality. How do we stand for what is right for ourselves, which is therefore right for our children? By looking straight into the eyes of reality, with courage and love. Then taking a stand, acting with integrity and clarity.

EcoBirth-Women for Earth and Birth is exploring how to do that with two projects- My Personal Environmental Story and Guarding the Rights of Future Generations.  Please look further under our tabs on this website and join us on Facebook. Also visit our My Personal Environmental Story website and "like" us on our Facebook page. And visit the Women's Congress of Future Generations website and read the Declaration of the Rights of Future Generations and give your opinion on what it says.

You can offer your own Personal Environmental Story and become involved in the new civil rights movement for Future Generations. You can become a Guardian of Future Generations and a Beloved Ancestor. Take a stand with a loving gaze on reality with us.

Declaration of Interdependence for EcoBirth

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