EcoBirth-Women for Earth and Birth

Uniting the earth and birth movements for the well-being of our world

Womens' Collective Matrix

matrix – a naturally enclosed space within which something originates and forms 
(from the Latin for womb)

Do you feel the collective energy of women- gathering to change the world? 


You are a part of the Women's Collective Matrix. 


We have faced the truth of the terrible state of our Mother Earth and ourselves. We are ready to galvanize our collective womanly energy to heal our world. We know our salvation is together, unseparated, related, knowing that we are connected as one organism. We, as life-bearers and birthers together with our embodied and elemental Ancestors, will join our energies and devotion for a shift to a compassionate and caring world. 


Women in the Collective Matrix realize we:

1-      Are awake to who we are-connected in one body to all life before and after us, womanly life-givers
2-      Honor who we are- our history, feel our sufferings and joys, reclaiming our feminine intuition
3-      Recognize what is happening in our culture and our role to change it, proclaiming our innate authority
4-      Gather in the collective matrix, take actions, stand up, speak out, be visible, at risk, courageous
5-      Heal our world, change it, sing it, dance it, embody it, move it, love it, pass it on continuously

We are made of star dust and all of life’s unceasing gifts of the earth. We are wholly nurtured in our mother’s womb. Our mother’s environment creates our first original instructions, our ancestors environments are a part of those instructions back to the first spark of life. All instructions are passed through the mother’s mitochondria since the beginnings. We are created within one ecosystem, we are one ecosystem ourselves. All the history of our ancestors, who are the elements of the world: fire, water, earth, air, and our human maternal lineage are encoded in our bodies. We contain all the grief and suffering and joy and love of our world. We must wake up to realize this immutable relationship of which we are made. That awakening is suffering, pain, beauty, truth. This is all embodied and must be felt, released and surrendered to. Realizing our terrible beauty, terrifying, fierce beauty enables our claim of authority as life-givers. Our separation, perceived falsely, is our hell on earth. The silencing of the moans of suffering, of the voice of authoritative strength, is woman’s purgatory on earth. We are held in suspension, not living our true nature, believing that we are dependent, weak, victims, needy of protection, denatured. We are persecuted, killed, oppressed; we do not see our own natures.  We feel the collective persecution of our nature, the destruction of our bodies that are one with Nature, immutably from and of. We express our collective grief to all histories of oppression, including our Mother Earth’s, feeling this grief in our bodies, hearts and souls. Realizing who we are, what we come from, what we contain is powerful, due respect and honor. We are the incarnated vehicles of ensouling, the channel between heaven and earth. We know who we are and honor it and live it. This is all sacred here, now and forever.
We are social beings, containing our own world of functioning interactive cells - a system of life beings, collectively in concert with the elements- ingesting air, water, food-  a growing organism, not separate, but interdependent. So we feel the universe in our bodies- life forming, moving, growing, expansive. Our histories are unique, driving our gift offerings; we must hear our own calling, our responsibility for living the mission of our individual gifts. Our authority comes from accepting the suffering of compassion and stepping out of the silence of oppression to clearly state what we know is right from our ancestors and for the future life we are bringing forth through our wombs. Restoring our bodily intuition, wisdom and understanding is necessary for our gifts to be manifest. Practicing the use of our intuitions, guiding our culture with them is our responsibility, inherent in our capability of life-bearing. Being able to live within a mysterious but powerful paradigm of collective energy, together. Working within the collective matrix of women to emerge from our ignorance, distraction and fantasies is happening now. We will claim our authority to proclaim what systems in our world are authentic, life-giving and sustaining. We will see the unity, the wholeness of who we are together, so that the fantasy of separateness is dispelled. We will unlearn our fear and anger; we will disenthrall ourselves and show the world how to do that as well. We will proclaim what is life-giving and condemn what is not. Stand up, risk our lives, risk humiliation to fully embody our birthing role for all life. Be courageous, with heart, soul and mind together, collectively, united in our womanly matrix/womb. Enacting hope faithfully, foundationally loving, caring, compassionate.
We will bless our one universe life, be blessings for all life, our fellow kindred and our Mother Earth. Heal our wounds by eliminating our fantastic separations, reclaim our bodily intuition and wisdom, speak for all our ancestors who are us and see our beloved descendents thriving, flourishing, nurtured, loved in our society and culture and for all future times. Blessings on us and all our future generations.

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