EcoBirth-Women for Earth and Birth

Uniting the earth and birth movements for the well-being of our world


Radio Interview for KPFA in Berkeley, CA in April 2019

Dr. Michelle Perro is an Integrative Pediatrician in Marin County, Ca. She has seen extensive change in the health of her young patients over the last 30 years. Much more vulnerability to chronic diseases and reactions to environmental toxins. She has very specific recommendations on improving the health of our next generation and is a rabble-rouser for the systemic change needed in our US health industry for better care and support for them!

Dr. Myrto Ashe - Detoxifying our bodies for better health

Conversations with Women of the Collective Matrix 

Decolonizing as a Spiritual Path with Leny Stobel

Women's Congress for Future Generations, Carolyn Raffensperger

 Cosmic-Earthly Evolution and Eurythmy-making our soul into the womb for the spirit
with Cynthia Hoven, Eurythmist, teacher, spiritual guide

Healing birth trauma, creating maternal wellness with Gena McCarthy, RN, MFT 

Embryo as a model of psychospiritual growth- Sheila Spemulli talks about Heart Intelligence

Interviews at Bioneers 2012

Jodie Evans, Co-Founder of CodePink and Elisa Parker, See Jane Do

Gabor Mate, MD prophetic voice for health of children and our world


Check out my Personal Environmental Story in Mary Oscategui's book
"Green Body, Green Birth"
You can purchase the book here

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"I have interviewed lots of green organizations, but never one called EcoBirth"
The Green Front - 01/11/12
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"What we are doing to our earth, we are doing to our bodies"

Declaration of Independence video for EcoBirth
"In the course of human events, it necessary to recognize the fundamental qualities that connect us..all humans are created equal and all are connected. That we share the pursuit of life, liberty, happiness..justice and hopes for a better future..."

Check out my interviews for Channel 26 public access TV
Susan Goldborough, Families for Clean Air
Myrto Ashe, MD, Unconventional Medicine
Carolyn Raffensperger, Womens Congress for Future Generations
Sally Grover Bingham, Interfaith Power and Light
Jodie Evans, CodePink
Robin Milam, Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature
Diana Paul, LoveDelivers


Check out my interviews for Healing from the Ground Up, for Channel 26, public access TV:
Robin Milam, The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature
Stacy Weinberg Dieve, Co-chair of MOMS Advocating Sustainability
Beth Terry, The Plastic-Free Lady

Declaration of Interdependence for EcoBirth

Interview about Women's Congress for Future Generations