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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Radio Interview with Molly on EcoBirth

An interview on Progressive Radio Network on Green Front, January 2012- learn a little history of EcoBirth and get to know me better- why I feel responsible for the bad shape the world is in.  I talk about the pre-pollution of our bodies and how we are passing that onto our children and grandchildren. Why is Scandinavia a better place for the health of mothers and babies? Why might my sister have been born with a birth defect? How do we understand and name what is happening to our world that is being inherited by our children and grandchildren?

We can be hopeful when we realize that we are connected, related- all birthed from our mothers, inheriting a speck of life from the very first spark of life on this earth. We know who our relations are and where we belong- that is immutable. We have agency to create a world that is compassionate and loving- just look at the freely given gift of life from our mothers and the rich harvest offered by our Mother Earth. We can protect our children and heal our earth home and by realizing our unique, authentic gifts, consciously use them to make a better world.

It was fun to have my first radio interview, tell me what you think!

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