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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Story of EcoBirth- a Mother's Legacy in San Francisco

In 1887 a baby was born in San Francisco, she was named Katherine Connor Oliver, she was given her mother’s name. 
In Northern California, starting with the Gold Rush, mercury was used extensively in hydraulic gold mining in order to help “capture” gold.  Mercury was also used in silver mining. 
My Grammy, the baby, was gestated in her mother’s womb when local water and local food could have been contaminated with the mines flushing of mercury into the rivers that feed the SF Bay. This heavy metal has been correlated with birth defects and lower IQ. It is called a neurotoxin and can permanently affect our health.  
 My Mommy was created then too, in my Grammy’s body as an egg. She could have been affected by that same mercury. The placenta is not a barrier of safety; it distributes to the baby what is in the mother’s body. 

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