EcoBirth-Women for Earth and Birth

Uniting the earth and birth movements for the well-being of our world


Molly Arthur is a native San Franciscan; she graduated from UC Berkeley and has had extensive experience working with startups and growing networks in her professional sales career. She and her husband of over 43 years have raised two children in Marin County and happily her new twin granddaughters live close by in San Francisco! She is the inspiration behind EcoBirth whose vision is -Relating earth and birth- caring for one natural life so we will all be well. She has a fierce desire to protect all our children and grandchildren and fully appreciate the freely given gifts of our Mother Earth. She sees birth as the metaphor for transformation and creation that if honored, will create a paradigm shift in our culture’s consciousness. Her focus is on inspiring women to change our culture’s story to compassion for the environments of Earth and Birth and to impel social change to sustain healthy, caring humans and a healed earth home. "I am a mother and grandmother. I want to leave my legacy as a Beloved Ancestor. But right now I am responsible for the bad shape the world is in. I want to try to change that as much as possible, as quickly as possible. I have a fierce desire to protect my children and grandchildren and make a better world. So EcoBirth inspires me to tell the stories of love and compassion and work with women to tell those stories so we understand our unbroken lineage to all life on earth and connection to future generations."

Presentations given by Molly Arthur of EcoBirth- Women for Earth and Birth
Green Festival, San Francisco, CA,  April, 2010
Salmon Creek Falls Environmental Center Lecture Series, Occidental, CA, October 2010
Nia Healing Center, Oakland, CA, July 2011
Sonoma State University, American Multicultural Studies Department: Ethics, Values and Multiculturalism class, 2012
St Stephens Episcopal Church, Belvedere, CA, 2010, 2012
San Rafael Rotary Club, San Rafael, CA 2012
Women's Congress for Future Generations, Moab, UT, Nov 2012
The Time is Now Roundtable with Suzanne Arms, Santa Barbara, CA, Nov 2012
Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, San Francisco, CA, Nov 2012
International Maternity Institute webinar, Jan 2013
Personal Growth Project, retreat day,  San Jose, CA, Feb 2013
Cal State Los Angeles, Sex and Gender class, Los Angeles, CA, March 2013
Bay Area Family Wellness group, Oakland, CA, June, 2013
RSCJ Spirituality Forum, Atherton, CA, July, 2013
Canticle Farm Reclaiming our Maternal Lines, Oakland, CA, Aug 2013
Sisters of Earth Conference, Presentation Center, CA July 2016
Sonoma State, American Multicultural Studies Dept, Fall 2015, and Winter 2016 and Fall 2016 Ethnoautobiography

A lecture by Dr. Sandra Steingraber was produced by EcoBirth, “An Intimate Ecology of Motherhood” November, 2010 at Jewish Community Center, San Francisco, CA

EcoBirth-Women for Earth and Birth was launched at a one day symposium "Making Healthy Babies, Raising Healthy Children- Living Well in a Toxic World", November 2009 at UC Berkeley Art Museum Theater. 

Contact: Molly Arthur, molly6@pacbell.net, 415 699 8031

Molly Arthur's Maternal Lines digital story from molly arthur on Vimeo.

We women can face the pain and grief we have for our suffering Mother Earth and reclaim our story of creation and redemption with the power and beauty intimately held in our body’s cells from our maternal lines since the beginning of the cosmos. Our existential and communal grief heals within the loving gathering of our feminine compassion, connecting us to the truth and strength of our Mother Earth and all our kin. We start with Molly’s Personal Environmental Story-to explore the birth stories and places and times of ourselves, our mothers and grandmothers.Using the stories of our own maternal lines, with sharing, active listening and intention, we call on our ancestors, our inner wisdom and the shared circle to witness our story with compassion. Using ritual, song, movement, and sharing of our truths, in community and powerful circle as well as spending time on the land - we can acknowledge the oppression in our lives, feeling it in our bodies, grieving it, transforming it and ourselves in a safe, loving space. Our healing path connects our sacred lineage from the womb of our Mother Earth to integrate our inner and outer lives and discover our place in the connected caring cosmos. We are a part of a continuum of sacredness, lifeforce, divine energy including our Ancestors back to the stuff of the stars. We can reclaim our cells, our lineage and our legacy to the future generations. Like in birth labor, we must yield to our bodies innate knowing, to progress, to open, to birth our love. With our active surrender to fierce compassion we can restore our connection to the natural world and our own inner wisdom. We can drop our obsessive addictions to control and return to our healing, caring, befriending tendencies- innate for us nurturers. And then we can repair, regenerate, and renew our culture for tenderness and kindness, naturally embodied by us. We will be able to guard and protect ours and all descendents - becoming their Beloved Ancestors- by asking - What is possible now to transform our world for Future Generations?

Molly Arthur of EcoBirth- My Personal Environmental Story November 2012 from molly arthur on Vimeo.

Why EcoBirth’s My Personal Environmental Story
EcoBirth’s My Personal Environmental Story will help women tell their life story by considering the two primary environments- place and birth- for themselves, their mothers and their maternal grandmothers. Through this process each participant will come to realize the hazards in their environmental genealogy and realize the healing in telling their own story. And they will be empowered to affect the changes that are necessary for our Mother Earth and our children and grandchildren to thrive.
Imagine looking back to your grandmother's and mother's birth time to figure out what environmental influences you might have inherited? And have passed onto your children and grandchildren? Would you wonder what was in the air, water and food in their lives- and look twice at what diseases, birth defects, addictions there are in your family?